ɫվվ College is delighted to be among the 50 high schools across the nation selected to receive a fully funded, state-of-the-art ifarm.

The ifarm, is a remarkable computerised facility exclusively designed for Australian high schools, which aims to enrich students' understanding of food and fibre production resources while nurturing passion for careers in agriculture. Boasting eight growing beds equipped with advanced subsurface drip irrigation and overhead spray options, a 2000L water tank, and state-of-the-art moisture and temperature sensors, the ifarm presents an unparalleled learning experience.

Driven by renewable energy from wind and solar sources, the ifarm embodies sustainability at its core. With its own weather station, composting worm farm, and adaptable shadecloths, the ifarm serves as a tangible example of environmentally conscious practices. The utilisation of recycled plastic in its construction, fold-down perspex sides for easy observation of root growth, and protective covers for electronics further enhance its functionality.

Designed by Steve and Kate Mansur, the ifarm has been crafted to provide engaging and immersive learning opportunities in the realms of agriculture, science, mathematics, and technology. Moreover, the project aligns with their commitment to supporting regional employment and economic growth. As an Australian-designed and manufactured initiative, the ifarm not only facilitates learning but also opens doors to future prospects within the thriving agricultural industry.

The ifarm project has been supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Forestry as part of the esteemed Educating Kids About Agriculture: ifarm program. This funding has played a pivotal role in bringing this exceptional educational resource to ɫվվ College and ensuring that students benefit from firsthand experiences in agricultural sciences.

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