ɫվվ College is renown for its Performing Arts Department as we offer a wide variety of high calibre programmes. Many past students from ɫվվ have forged forward to develop careers in the Performing Arts as performers, writers, directors, musicians, producers and practitioners.

Learn About Drama

In the Drama classroom, ɫվվ offers all students a chance to explore their creativity, develop a variety of theatrical performance, production and interpretative skills and heighten their ability to communicate and collaborate. Drama is one of the best areas of study that focuses on ‘soft skills’ and refines emotional intelligence – areas that so many contemporary career paths require in our digital age.

Outside the classroom, ɫվվ students have many opportunities to explore the world of theatre. Each year, we stage three productions -  the Year 10 play, the Year 12 play and a Junior or College Musical. 

ɫվվ also participates in the NSW State Schools TheatreSports Competition with many teams advancing through the Finals each year. There is also the opportunity in becoming a part of the school’s ‘Technical Theatre Crew’ and working on a range of public performances.

Many past Drama students from ɫվվ have forged forward to develop careers in the Performing Arts as performers, writers, directors, producers and practitioners.

Join our Musicians

The College Music Department offers students a diverse learning experience and provides opportunities for all levels of musical ability.

We have a Music Tuition Programme which provides access for any student who is interested in music. Our programme caters for beginner students right through to students who are studying elective Music for their HSC.

ɫվվ offers students participation in private music tuition with experienced Music tutors. The tuition programme supports students studying elective Music with performance tasks and those involved in the various ensembles.

Tuition is offered for the following instruments:

  • Guitar and Bass Guitar
  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Woodwind
  • Brass
  • Drums and Percussion.

    Ensembles within the College include:
  • Choirs
  • Vocal Ensembles
  • Concert Band
  • Big Bands
  • Guitar Ensembles
  • Percussion Ensembles
  • Chamber Ensemble

Students are given numerous occasions to showcase their talents throughout the year. These ensembles perform at a variety of events at the College including masses, showcase concerts, Athletic's Carnival, assemblies, Open Day and community events and eisteddfods right through to our highly competitive annual Battle of the Bands competition, our College Christmas concert and our magnificent Greatest Hits night. ɫվվ offers something for everyone. Students do not have to study elective Music to be in an ensemble.

The annual Battle of the Bands competition is an extremely competitive event for rock bands. This event calls for the bands to perform an Australian cover song and an original for the heats. Those bands which reach the finals night are given experiences in staging, lighting and sound with professional technicians. The winners go on to record in a professional studio.

Each year the Music and Drama Departments present a College Musical. These alternate between junior and senior Musicals which have included Superstar, Les Miserables, Hooked, a Midsummer’s Night Dream, Urinetown, School of Rock and Footloose.

Dance at ɫվվ

Dance is offered in Stage 6 as a HSC subject. HSC Dance involves the students in the study of three disciplines: Performance, Composition and Appreciation. 

  • Performance - the students perform a dance in contemporary style. Following this, they are given the opportunity to discuss applied anatomy and the development of their technique. 
  • Composition involves the students creating their own dance which they place on another dancer at the College. Their assessment is on their ability to construct a dance which communicates a story or intent. 
  • The Appreciation study gives the students the opportunity to study other dance artists and analyse the way in which they have used those same principles of creation to develop their works. This is the written component of the paper. 

The students are then given the opportunity to undertake a Major Study in their choice of the three disciplines. The students who select Major Study Performance may undertake this, choosing their own dance style. ɫվվ has had many HSC students who are nominated for Callback for their Major Performances.

The Dance students are involved in several performances at the College. One of the year's highlights is the Greatest Hits Night where the Dance and Music students combine in a cabaret style performance. 

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