The ɫվվ Graduate

The ɫվվ College graduate has their feet firmly grounded, aims for the stars, and knows that life’s journey will not always be clearly defined, straight or predictable; knows that they have strength of spirit that enables them to rise above the fleeting things to engage life consciously. An ɫվվ graduate always strives for what matters, looks out for the other, knowing and experiencing true mateship. An ɫվվ graduate is always up for the challenge, keeps the faith, is good and kind and just, and knows they contribute to God’s Kingdom.

Learning Framework

At ɫվվ College we aim to provide a curriculum which inspires, motivates and challenges students to maximise their potential in an environment where the learning, assessment and reporting are designed around transferable understandings and skills clearly linked to identified key ideas.

We believe that every one of our students has the potential to excel if they are provided with the right guidance, assistance and encouragement. We provide a solid foundation in each subject, especially literacy and numeracy, while at the same time developing independent learning skills. ɫվվ College provides opportunities for students to develop independent and active learning skills through a rich and innovative curriculum that stimulates their thinking. 

A broad range of subject choices allows students to develop the skills and knowledge to help them meet future demands and challenges. The cornerstone of learning at the College is our strong teaching and learning culture, along with our exceptional and dedicated teaching staff, inspire students to strive for greatness and achieve their personal best.

Our classrooms are characterised by an environment which demonstrates personalised, student centred learning and encourages engagement through participation in collaborative, experience driven exercises which, in turn, encourage critical thinking and the application of skills to real-world scenarios. Through this focus and with the acknowledgment that contemporary society exists in a digital paradigm, we are able to personalise learning for all students, including those with learning difficulties and students who are gifted in certain areas.

Students are provided with a broad range of subject choices enabling them to develop the skills and knowledge that will help them meet the demands and challenges they will each face in the future.

We understand each student is different. For one student, their personal best may be achieving excellence in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) examinations; while for another it may be constructing an ornate piece of furniture in Technology, mastering a musical instrument or perfecting a drama performance. Whatever their interest and talents, we encourage students to develop skills they will use in life.

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